Research project 'Data Search for Data Mining'

Final Report of the DS4DM Project

Description of accomplishments

Update of Web Table Extraction extension

Structured data extraction is now possible!

Update of Data Search for Data Mining extension

Advanced Usage of Unconstrained Search

Participation in the 'KMU-innovativ' conference, Berlin

Poster presentation and demonstration

Data Search for Data Mining extension updated

Constrained Search at client side

Participation in the LWDA 2018 conference

Joint paper and poster presentation

DS4DM Final Project Workshop in Dortmund

Review of project work and third year milestones

RapidMiner partnership with Informatica

Executing RapidMiner processes from Informatica Workflows

Unconstrained and Correlation Search Methods released

Release of new Backend search methods

Smart Data Presentation at PAPIs Europe

The International Conference on Predictive Applications and APIs (PAPIs), London

Data Search Backend Repository

Creating repositories and uploading data

The Web as a new data source for RapidMiner

Search and retrieve data tables from Google!

Presentation and Demonstration on Realizing Smart Data

The 2nd Smart Data Innovation Conference (SDIC), Karlsruhe

Presentation on Data Science Use Cases

The 1st Industrial Data Science Conference (IDS), Dortmund

DS4DM Project Meeting in Mannheim

Planning for the third (final) project year

DS4DM Project Overview at IDSC 2017

Keynote Speech by Ralf Klinkenberg

Release of Spreadsheet Table Extraction extension

Extracting live data from Google Spreadsheets!

Release of Data Search for Data Mining extension

Discover and Enrich Data Tables using the Search-Join method

Release of Web Table Extraction extension

Extract data tables from the web

Automated Mechanisms for Data Discovery and Integration

The 17th General Online Research (GOR 2017) Conference

Release of PDF Table Extraction extension

Extract data tables from the PDF

Workshop on Linked Data for Information Extraction

The 4th LD4IE workshop at the 15th ISWC 2016

DS4DM Project Presentation

Participation in 'KMU-innovativ: IKT' conference, Hanover

DS4DM Project Meeting in Dortmund

Planning for the second project year

First Prototpye Released

The University of Mannheim has released the first prototype of the Back-end components

ESWC 2016 Best Demonstration Award

RapidMiner Data Search Extension wins ESWC2016 Best Demo Award

ESWC 2016 Demo

Extending RapidMiner with Data Search and Integration Capabilities

Spring term Data Mining lectures starting soon

RapidMiner and University of Mannheim continue teaching partnership

Data indexing, data search and data integration

Ambitions of the project DS4DM

New Industry Project on Data Search

DS4DM started with Kick-Off Meeting in Dortmund