DS4DM Project Meeting in Dortmund

Planning for the second project year

Posted by Edwin Yaqub (RapidMiner) on October 15, 2016

The research project 'Data Search for Data Mining' (DS4DM) is at the start of its second year. The project team had a plenary meeting at RapidMiner in Dortmund, Germany, on the 7th of October to brainstorm about the activities for the year ahead.

Image showing the participants of the Year 2 planning meeting DS4DM research project team members: Ralf Klinkenberg (co-Founder and Head of Research, RapidMiner), Dr. Edwin Yaqub (Data Scientist, RapidMiner), Dr. Anna Lisa Gentile (Researcher, University of Mannheim), and David Arnu (Data Scientist, RapidMiner) at the DS4DM project meeting on October 7th, 2016 at RapidMiner in Dortmund (from left to right)

The DS4DM efforts in the coming year will focus on two main directions:

  • Improving the interactive environment (i.e. the RapidMiner Data Search Extension) for data exploration, providing novel facilities to enable the user to manipulate discovered new data and
  • Improving the core search and matching functionalities of the DS4DM backend, focusing on how to efficiently discover and exploit correspondences in the data.